On the path to total wellness

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Did you know that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States? According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 18% of the population struggles with an anxiety disorder…and only 37% of them receive treatment.

Maybe you’re part of the 82% of the population who doesn’t have an anxiety disorder. Does that mean you never feel anxious? Of course not. Even people who don’t have an anxiety disorder need anxiety relief from time to time.

The trouble comes when people start to rely exclusively on medications for anxiety relief. That’s not to say that medications…

Choose your ideal brainwave headset from this list

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A hundred years ago, people thought we would have flying cars by now (sounds like a logistical nightmare). They probably wouldn’t have dreamed of the brainwave tech we have at our fingertips today.

Your brain has five main categories of brainwaves: gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Gamma waves allow you to concentrate and learn new things. Beta waves are for problem-solving. Alpha waves boost creativity and recharge your brain. Theta and delta waves are associated with sleep and dreaming.

Hacking your brainwaves has become more accessible than ever thanks to consumer…

Which brainwave device should you get?

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You’re in the market for a device that improves your sleep, concentration, and relaxation. Perhaps you haven’t been getting enough deep sleep at night-or you’ve been struggling with brain fog during the day. Hapbee and NeoRhythm both promise to fix these problems, but which device does it better? Which product is worth the money?

Let’s compare Hapbee vs. NeoRhythm and see what each product has to offer.

NeoRhythm vs. Hapbee: An Overview

On the surface, these devices seem very similar…and they do share many things in common. But they function in very different ways.

NeoRhythm is a frequency-emitting pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) device that is…

You’ll actually save money

Weights lined up in a gym
Weights lined up in a gym
Credit: Greg Rosenke from Unsplash

How much do you spend on your monthly gym membership? If you’re anything like the average American, it’s probably around $60. With the streaming services you might have added during Covid, monthly expenses are running a little high….but the gym is important! You want to stay fit. And you could never afford one of those fancy home gyms that some people have.

Or could you?

The idea of having a home gym is appealing to most people, but it sounds like an expensive luxury for the 1%. What if I told you there was a way to build a home…

Repaying sleep debt on the weekends just isn’t gonna cut it

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How do you wake up in the morning? Is it by groaning and hitting the snooze button for the third time? Or is it by slowly feeling the warmth of the sun through the window, hearing the birds chirp gently, and rising purposefully to meet the day?

I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t resonate with the whole peacefully waking up thing. You could say I’m not a morning person…but if I got enough sleep, maybe I would be. The truth is, I can’t remember a time when I was consistently getting enough sleep to find out.


How to concentrate when you feel like procrastinating

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Of all of the problems that the pandemic has caused, this one has become my personal Goliath: I can’t focus. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to have a job when the unemployment rate is on the rise, and I’m not trying to suggest that I was always 100% in the zone when I used to work in an office…but I’m finding more and more that I can’t focus on the work I’m supposed to be doing.

I’ll give you an example. As I’m writing this article, I’m distracted by the presence of a tiny spider (the jumping kind) making…

The way of the Ice Man

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Wim Hof (AKA The Iceman) makes me proud to be Dutch…and maybe this heritage is what drove my cousins and me to roll around in the snow in our swimsuits when we were younger. Or maybe we were just a special kind of crazy. Anyway, Wim is a legend.

He has run a half marathon above the Arctic Circle barefoot and shirtless, swam underneath ice for 188 feet, and completed a full marathon in the Namib Desert without consuming any liquids. I mean, this guy is basically superhuman.

Why am I talking about Wim? Well, he has a renowned technique…

They’re smaller than you might think

An unmade bed with a lamp and plant on the bedside table
An unmade bed with a lamp and plant on the bedside table
Credit: Burst from Pexels

My husband and his brother grew up sharing a room. They’re only two years apart. They have the same family culture, the same values, and even the same voice. Yet, one of them makes his bed every single day–and the other one has never made our bed. Literally ever. I’m sure my husband would want me to tell you he has other amazing qualities, and that’s true. But the point remains.

What’s the difference between these two brothers that has caused such a divide in their daily rituals? It doesn’t seem to matter that…

Slow and steady wins the race

An empty wooden plate and spoon
An empty wooden plate and spoon
Credit: Jonathan Pielmayer from Unsplash

In the not-so-distant past, fasting was mainly limited to the hyper-spiritual, those who wanted to “starve the body to feed the spirit.” Now, fasting has hit the mainstream and gone from a spiritual practice to a physical undertaking with the goal of losing weight and improving overall health.

Why has intermittent fasting become so popular? Well, it’s accessible to almost everyone (as long as you’re not pregnant/breastfeeding or suffering from an underlying health condition), people usually find it easier to implement than a traditional diet, and it has shown to be quite effective for most people.

Potential medical benefits of intermittent fasting include:

  • Weight loss
  • Lower blood…

How to get stuff done

Credit: Hapbee

You have a list of 100 items you didn’t finish last week…but you’re scrolling through Instagram.

You should be preparing for your big interview tomorrow, but your thoughts keep circling back to that weird conversation you had with your friend yesterday.

Your editor is pushing you to meet your next deadline, but you find yourself gazing into the distance and pondering the meaning of life.

When did productivity become so elusive? Why is it so difficult to discover how to improve focus?

You might blame the fact that you’re newly working from home, but studies show those who work from…

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